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Social listening.

Rubiklab's Social Listening service is about more than data - it is about unlocking the human experience. We believe that true insights come from understanding the people behind the numbers, and our mission is to help you make a genuine impact on the lives of your customers.
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Media analytics.

In a world saturated with information, our Media Analytics service is your guiding light. We help you catch emerging trends and opportunities as they unfold, while staying on top of issues and concerns related to your brand. No biases, no distractions, just pure insights.
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Elevate your social listening strategy

Elevate your social listening strategy

Enhance legacy data with a layer of fresh, timely context

Traditional tracking studies provide robustness, but their static nature can miss the rapidly shifting nuances of today’s world. Rubiklab integrates social listening into these studies, adding a layer of dynamic context. This combined approach catches emerging signals to keep your data relevant in a fast-paced societal and business landscape.

Methodology for Niche/Sensitive Studies

Traditional quantitative surveys can struggle to fully grasp the intricacies of niche audiences or navigate sensitive subjects, especially when delving into societal or medical issues. Questioning audiences directly about these matters can sometimes miss the mark. By observing spontaneous conversations in their natural settings, we tap into a wellspring of authenticity, capturing raw and genuine responses that traditional methods might overlook.

Inform ad hoc research initiatives with social data

When it comes to conducting ad hoc market research projects, Rubiklab offers a valuable suite of services. Whether it's before initiating a study to identify crucial questions, or after completing the project to gain insights into potential biases in the data, or even as an alternative to traditional desk research, Rubiklab's approach enhances your research endeavours. Our dynamic methods keep pace with the evolving intricacies of today's world, ensuring that your data remains relevant in an ever-changing landscape.

Automate redundant tasks to get more value from your data

Explore our all-encompassing suite for both qualitative and quantitative research. We offer precision in transcriptions & translations across 50+ languages, advanced auto-coding, and stringent survey data validation. We delve into our clients' workflows, identifying pain points and transactional hurdles. Our mission? Engineer solutions that reduce manual tasks and amplify the quality of results.

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