Elevate your social listening strategy

Our foundation with DataExpert.

Being part of the DataExpert group is central to our value proposition and identity. As Europe's largest independent operations support provider, DataExpert excels in survey programming, data processing, and advanced analytics. Together, Rubiklab and DataExpert offer a powerful synergy of data-driven excellence, helping clients bridge the gap between data and actionable insights.

Human narratives in a digital world.

We are a dynamic research and technology agency driven by innovation and human-centred principles. We help our clients understand and amplify individual stories to conduct research that goes beyond metrics and charts.

The power of data diversity.

More data is not necessarily better; what is crucial is the depth and breadth of perspectives. By aggregating insights from various sources and channels, we provide our clients with a comprehensive and more nuanced view of their audience.

Empathy meets AI-Powered insights.

With every technological step, we prioritize the human connection, ensuring insights remain relatable and actionable. Our Talkback interface brings data to life, enabling clients to engage in natural language and uncover the emotions, behaviours, and decision pathways hidden within.

Join our journey.

We have combined technology with a creative spirit to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of what is possible. Join us on this journey of discovery, and together we will make a world where data and meaning work together to create something truly amazing.

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